A Nationwide voiceover search is ON.
  • Do you have a distinctive voice?
  • Have you ever wanted to do voiceovers?
  • We could be looking for you!
  • Win representation with a top agency & a professionally recorded showreel!
  • Open to everyone ages 18-80!


A Nationwide voiceover search is ON.
  • Do you have a distinctive voice?
  • Have you ever wanted to do voiceovers?
  • We could be looking for you!
  • Win representation with a top agency & a professionally recorded showreel!
  • Open to everyone ages 18-80!



What is it?

Voiceover Scout is a nationwide talent search, conducted by The Bourne Consultancy for new, exciting, different, diverse and distinctive voices who fancy their chances of becoming commercial voiceover artists.

It’s the brainchild of The Bourne Consultancy founder and ex-voiceover agent Melsie Bourne. During the first lockdown Melsie spent a lot of time pondering two very different issues:


a) the difficulty she was having finding voices to fulfil some very big brand voiceover briefs


b) her desire to give back by helping someone break into the industry that has served her so well these past 25 years.


The result of that pondering is Voiceover Scout.


Professional voiceovers are great if you want accents, performance, or a well-known voice, but less so if you are after different, diverse and distinctive voices.

Brands have never been more conscious of reflecting the incredible diversity of the UK in the casting of their ads, and now they’re looking for different, diverse and distinctive voices to be the voice of their brands too.

Despite having some 25 years experience between them, the team at The Bourne Consultancy have been having increasing difficulty finding these voices within the existing professional voiceover community.

So now it’s time to extend their search to the nation.

Who’s judging it?

Industry heads, creatives, agents, directors, actors, actresses and producers from across the creative industries. Check out our super cool judging panel below.


  • It’s easy. Have a read of our “Tips & Tricksto help you decide what ‘script’ would best suit your voice. You can record anything you like; a commercial script, a story, a piece of spoken word, the lyrics to a song, even a newspaper article. All that is needed to record yourself, is a phone.
  • We are looking for a good, clear interpretation of the reading and are listening for good intonation and a unique quality. Do not worry about the sound quality of your recording as long as your voice is clear and audible. Once you are happy with your recording, upload it to the entry form below.
  • Once your entry has been uploaded, it will be listened to by a team from The Bourne Consultancy. The shortlist will then go to the judges. The final selection will then be invited to London for a recording session before the ultimate winner is announced. The deadline for entries is midnight Sunday 13th December 2020. Winners to be announced in the new year.
  • This competition is open to anyone over the age of 18.  You must be a resident of the British Isles and able to come to London to record a professional showreel, if you are successful.
  • This is NOT a competition for anyone who has ever worked professionally in the industry.  Only ONE entry per person.
We want to give someone the chance to break into what has been, until now, a closed industry, which is why the winner of Voiceover Scout will be represented by leading London voiceover agency Loud and Clear Voices, and given the opportunity to record a professionally produced showreel at Soho studio No8 London .
"I’m delighted to have been asked to be a judge for this fantastic new initiative, Voiceover Scout.  It’s such a wonderful industry but can be very hard to break into so I am excited to be playing a part in giving a total newcomer a chance to break through.  Looking forward to hearing some great new voices…"
Idris Elba
Melsie close upDSCF6702

Melsie Bourne

The Bourne Consultancy

Melsie has over 25 years of experience in the industry having founded leading voiceover agency, Rabbit Vocal Management in 1996.  She sold the agency to The YMU group in 2011 (it was eventually merged into YMU’s Voice department, so sadly no longer exists). Melsie then founded The Bourne Consultancy, a bespoke talent consultancy helping to bring talent and  brands together. 
Melsie is extremely excited to be getting the ‘Rabbit band’ back together in the judging panel for Voiceover Scout (agents Becky Fuller and Jamie Grant, as well as ex-Rabbit talent, actor and comedian, John Thomson and actress, Angela Griffin). She is also proud as punch to have an extremely impressive industry line up to help too!

James Brook-Partridge

Head of Moving Image Hogarth/Ogilvy

James has 20 years’ experience working in multi-national Advertising Agency Production Departments in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has worked on major international brands across different sectors including airlines, automotive and FMCG with some amazing directors. James has won some awards, and not won some others! He is a keen follower of Chelsea Football Club.


Photo For Arrows

Olly Calverley

Head of Broadcast

Olly first got a job as a runner at a production company then blagged his way into a job as a cameraman at Rapido TV. He learned a lot about production, shooting such high-brow shows as The Girlie Show and Eurotrash! His interest in production led him into the world of advertising agencies where he learnt how to be an agency producer. He now runs the Broadcast Department at VCCP.


Yvonne Chalkley

Deputy Head of creative Production

Yvonne has had a largely successful career, she has produced most of the iconic Guinness spots including Surfer and Swimblack at AMV, where she has now been producing for over 25 years. She has worked for many well-known brands and produced spots for Economist, BT, Galaxy, Mercedes, Royal Mail and many more. She treats every production as her first and loves a new challenge. She always says ‘Bring it on!


Idris Elba


Idris Elba has one of the most recognisable voices in the industry. He is an actor, producer, director and musician continually securing his place as one of the most versatile performers in Hollywood. In addition to his Golden Globe win, he is the first male actor to receive dual SAG awards in one evening – Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Supporting Role and Outstanding Performance In A TV Movie Or Miniseries.



Becky Fuller

Agent & Founder
Fuller Voices

Becky has been at the forefront of Vocal Management for over 23 years, She joined leading UK agency Rabbit Vocal Management in 1997 working her way up to the position of Managing Director. Rabbit was sold to the YMU group in 2011 where she stayed for 4 years before moving on in 2016 to set up her own company, Fuller Voices. Becky has a passion for animation and still loves hearing her artists as a Postman, a Tank Engine or a Teletubby!


Jamie Grant

Agent & Founder
Loud and Clear Voices

Jamie Grant has over twenty-five years of experience working with the world’s biggest and best; from record labels to ad-land. After cutting his teeth as an Agent at Rabbit, he started Loud and Clear Voices. It took Jamie from his living room to Goodge Street to Ladbroke Grove, and now back at the same desk due to C19. He misses the office but says nothing quite beats home!


Angela Griffin


Angela has starred in numerous successful British shows, including Holby City, Cutting It, Waterloo Road and Waking the Dead. She recently played Detective Stevie Hall, the lead, in Canadian cop drama The Detail. Astrid, an American manager alongside Idris Elba, in Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie and more recently, was seen playing Anna Conner in Netflix drama White Lines. Angela is a hugely recognised voiceover talent and has voiced a number of brand campaigns in the past including British Gas,Coop, B&Q. Currently she is the voice of Mercedes vans & Bosch



Senior Producer
Hogarth Ogilvy

Sally Miller has been an executive producer at Hogarth since April 2019, where she was responsible for the acclaimed TikTok campaigns and TikTok lockdown work with Agile films and Zac Ella., as well as Boots Darling with Academy Films, directed by Vince Squibb.



Trevor Robinson OBE

Executive Creative Director and Founder

Trevor Robinson OBE has been responsible for some of the most famous and talked about advertising of his era, from the iconic and multi-award winning ‘You’ve Been Tango-ed’ Orange Slap to the more recent Haribo ‘Kids Voices’ campaign. In 1995 he set up Quiet Storm, the first agency to write, direct and produce its own work, as well as founding the pioneering programme; Create Not Hate, to improve diversity in the advertising industry and drive wider positive social change.


Munzie Thind

Sound Designer
Grand Central Studios

Munzie Thind has established himself as one of Soho’s leading sound designers and music editors. He joined Grand Central Recording Studios (GCRS), in 1995. He has worked with the cream of the creative industry, both in the UK and internationally, resulting in an impressive portfolio of critically acclaimed and award winning work, including the mix for the video of ‘Blinded By Your Grace’ for Stormzy.


john thomson

John Thomson


Best known for his roles in The Fast Show, Men Behaving Badly, Cold Feet and Coronation Street. He has been nominated for Best TV Comedy Actor for Cold Feet at the British Comedy Awards and Best Voice Performance for Scream Street at the British Animation Awards.

John was previously represented by Rabbit, voicing campaigns for Daz, Bakers, Aviva and Betfred.


Jim Thornton

Deputy Executive
Creative Director VCCP

Jim has worked, on and off, for most of London’s leading advertising agencies. For the last 8 years, he’s been Deputy ECD of VCCP London, responsible for generally keeping everyone’s spirits up, making a fool of himself and occasionally doing some work. Jim lives in a houseboat and has a love-hate relationship with the Egyptian geese. Despite almost being 58, he still hopes, one day, to play for Stoke City.


Adam Walker

Executive Producer
Saatchi & Saatchi

Formally a design assistant for Tom Ford at Gucci, Adam has over 15 years experience delivering international campaigns for clients like BT, Guinness and Mercedes. He has held senior roles at AMVBBDO and Energy Chicago and was the former Head of Moving Image at Iris Worldwide. Always thinking outside the box, Adam also loves eating, cycling, theatre and a good gin and tonic.



Lee Willis

Sound Designer
Remote Audio Post

Lee Willis has worked as a Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer in Soho for almost 20 years before creating Remote Audio Post. Working alongside the team at Rabbit Vocal Management, he helped fine tune new and established Voiceover Artists as well as recording and mixing countless campaigns.


"The brand's voice on a commercial can be as important as the idea - could you imagine the Honda spot without Garrison Keillor or Rutger Hauer not voicing the Lurpak commercials?"
Munzie Thind
Sound Designer, Grand Central Recording Studio


  • Find a script/piece that you genuinely enjoy reading and find interesting
  • Don’t be afraid to try lots of different scripts/pieces to find your natural style
  • Get to know your own natural voice, record yourself and listen back
  • Do not put on an accent that you cannot sustain
  • If you can; have a go at writing something personal or unique to you
  • Relax, enjoy it and don’t be afraid
  • Let your personality shine through. Be yourself. Be natural
  • Aim to be believable; believe in what you’re saying
  • Listen to commercial radio or the Ad breaks on TV and tune in to how the pros do it
  • Practice recording sitting down, standing up or using gestures. This may bring some unexpected life to your script/piece.
  • Warm up! This is incredibly important for your voice to reach its full potential. There are examples of voice warm ups on YouTube.
  • Practice reading your script/piece in different ways. Try it fast and slow to see how it sounds or with high energy, then really calm and flat.
  • Look at different ways you can emphasise the words in the text to really communicate the meaning of what’s being said.
"Brands nowadays crave authenticity in all aspects of their advertising but the voiceover world has been curiously slow to both spot and adapt to this trend. Voiceover Scout is a brilliant idea, and I hope merely the beginning of an influx of modern, diverse, distinctive, real voices into the world of commercials."
Jim Thornton
Deputy Executive Creative Director VCCP



  • Read our Tips and Tricks
  • Choose your script/piece to read
  • Make a recording of yourself
  • Enter your name, email and any extra notes in the appropriate box
  • Upload your voice file (make sure it is the correct one)
  • Press the upload button – that’s it!

Please note – you’ll only hear back from us if you’ve been successful..


Best of luck to all those who entered!

By submitting your application, you are confirming that:

  • You are 18 years old or over.
  • The content you are submitting features your own voice and no other content.
  • You understand that The Bourne Consultancy will collect and use your personal information in order to administer this competition. Details of how we will do this is set out in our privacy notice, a copy of which is available here  or by emailing us 
  • You have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions for this competition.
"Melsie and I were tasked to find the next generation BT brand voice. Discovering fresh new talent, alongside well-established recognisable names, was exciting. The importance of connecting a voice to a brand, which in turn speaks to its audience and offers both reassurance and integrity, is truly rewarding."
Adam Walker
Executive Producer
Saatchi & Saatchi


Frequently Asked Questions

30 seconds MAX. That’s plenty of time to showcase your voice.

Using a voice recording app on your phone. Some good examples include Voice Recorder, Smart Recorder, Cogi and Recorder Plus.

Anything you think is suitable to show off your voice and how you read.

Simply head over to our entry page and follow the step by step instructions for how to upload your clip. Make sure you include your contact details.

Absolutely not.  All accents welcome.  Just be sure to pronunciated and be clear in your delivery.  Foreign accents welcome too, as long as you are a UK resident.

The Bourne Consultancy will make an initial selection. The shortlist will then go to the judging panel to choose the final selection. The final group (or stand out favourite) will then be invited to a recording session in London.

You will be contacted directly by a member of The Bourne Consultancy and invited to a studio session in London.

The winner will be announced as soon as possible following the studio session.

The prize includes travel to and from London.

Only one entry per person.

"I think a voice over is so important to any brand because it helps give a brand an identity. A good voice means recognition for the brand. The public identifies with a voice, so every time they hear that voice, it hopefully gives brand association. Of course it needs to be a distinctive voice that can do this. There are so many ads with lots of voice overs, so advertisers need to find a voice that will stand out in the right way for them."
Yvonne Chalkley
Deputy Head of Creative Production AMV BDO



Hugo Currie for being my right hand man. Emma Garrard for simply being an artistic genius. Issy Wedlake for being the best business partner in the world. Inca Bayley for your help and clever input. Justine White for your social media amazingness. Anna Keller for your PR brilliance, Lucy Johnson for your brilliant ideas and proofreading. Lotte Champness & The Artists Partnership for being such a huge help and support. Cristian Solimeno for bravely taking my photo and recording our social media voiceovers. Sally Plant for fab media PR help. Lucy Irving and Janice Vee for recording our social media voiceovers. John Thomson and Angela Griffin for all the extra bits you did on top of being Judges. Jim Thornton for being a super clever wordsmith, as well as Judge. Tracey Gascoyne for being amazing alongside Callum Lau at No8London. Jamie Grant and Julie Theivendran at Loud & Clear voices for your clever input and being the winning agency. Becky Fuller for all your help throughout. Susie Ewing for your legal brilliance and being so kind. José Maria Gonzalés Sanchéz for design help. Ned and Hester Wilkinson, my wonderful children, who have barely seen me over the last few months. Geoffrey and Vivien Bourne whose continuous love and support has helped me get this off the ground. Cozmo Jenks for the constant energetic help. Last but not least, to all the wonderful Judges who have given me their time and expertise.  None of this would be possible without all of the above.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️